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Wine: Feel It

Wine's role in our culture needs an inspiring simplify, demystify, and explain the growing wall of wine information and facts. The next generation of wine consumer needs romance and entertainment...with lots of flavor. And, a fun host to make sense of it all!

Why does the wine taste the way it does? Which foods pair well? Will this wine be a collectable? What is the perfect wine for a cheeseburger? Deep questions. Do you want to know the answers? Well, getting started is easy.

Red wine is a particularly rich source of antioxidants flavonoid phenolics, so many studies to uncover a cause for red wine's effects have focused on its phenolic constituents, particularly resveratrol and the flavonoids. Resveratrol, found in grape skins and seeds, increases HDL cholesterol and prevent blood clotting. Flavonoids, on the other hand, exhibit antioxidant properties helping prevent blood clots and plaques formation in arteries.

White wine differs from red wine in, first and most obviously, color. Under that skin, the pulpy part of a white grape is the same color as that of a red grape. The skin dictates the end color for red wine, which differs from the white's color determinates.

Merlot is undoubtedly one of the greatest of the red grapes. Merlot is widely responsible for the predominant tastes in most wines from the Bordeaux region in France. It produces what are arguably the most drinkable red wines, and has enjoyed a considerable amount of popularity.

Chardonnay wines are the most popular in the world. Their tough little skins and sunny personalities help them not just survive, but thrive, in nearly every major wine region in the world. Part of her stunning success is her flexibility, and ability to adapt to the different weather conditions of each region in which she is planted. Further, like a little chameleon, she reflects back what is best about any environment in which she finds herself.

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